Thursday, May 12, 2011

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  • stridemat
    Apr 22, 01:39 AM
    How does streaming music to my iPhone help me, when O2 cap my Internet usage, and then charge when you use more.

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  • Evangelion
    Aug 29, 03:47 AM
    Now mind you, I say this as an investor, not as an enthusiast.

    Is it just me, or is going public the WORST thing a company could do? When they do that, they get these crybabies who whine "I'm an INVESTOR and I DEMAND immediate results! I insist on my short-term ROI that you deliver! Don't you realize that I have invested xxxxx dollars in your company, therefore you owe me big time!".

    Well boo-frigging-hoo!

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  • obeygiant
    Apr 11, 01:22 AM
    Ikea's doing it because they can get away with it. They know labor laws in the US are there to protect the employer, not the employee. They couldn't do this back home in Sweden.

    Who is passing all the anti-union legislation? The right or the left?

    Are you referring to the public-sector unions that workers must join and must pay dues to? Because Unions exist everywhere in just about every field. How would the recent push against public sector unions collective bargaining effect this private company? It seems IKEA has the power to mistreat its employees because they're desperate for work. They've even hired a firm to "convince" the workers not to unionize.

    As Ugg pointed out, the 'right' has pushed for anti-union policies, including 'right-to-work' status for states like Virginia. That said, I don't think this is a 'right' or 'left' issue per se, but rather a gleeful removal of worker's rights to garner jobs—regardless of the health of a community funded by low-wage, short-term positions.

    yes, but I'm looking for evidence that the workers are unable to unionize due to a law that the "right" has passed.

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  • GLS
    Apr 19, 07:57 AM

    Apple has other suppliers or manufacturers lined up for the items that Samsung produces for Apple at a better price than Apple is currently getting....Apple and Samsung have pre-existing contracts that cannot be terminated by either without cause....

    So Apple files a lawsuit based on copyright infringement (questionable) and as terms of the (potential) settlement....Apple is free to go to other suppliers for the items they need....

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  • Amazing Iceman
    Apr 4, 08:54 AM
    Ive used Macs for 20 years with no antivirus software; never had a virus
    Only heard rumours of any out in the wild-like sightings of bigfoot
    Never seen a huge Microsoft type hoopla over some new virus-of-the month crisis

    * Apple: No longer flying under the radar

    No, my friend, you are wrong. it's not Bigfoot.
    It's the Chupacabra! Well..., at least the McAfee version. :D

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  • ECUpirate44
    Mar 29, 11:25 AM
    Microsoft should work on perfecting windows before starting a mobile OS

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  • Warbrain
    Sep 26, 08:25 AM
    I call up Verizon and tell them I have a problem, on last thursday, I talk to a supervisor and we get the issue worked out. She asked me when I would like my credit applied, as soon as possible or on my next billing cycle. I told her as soon as possible, I had my credit applied to my account saturday.

    I know this got a off topic, but switching back to a crap company like Cingular is not in my future, no matter if they call me up and offer me a free iPhone to come back to them.


    You got customer service from Verizon? Is this before or after they tacked on the taxes that aren't being collected anymore? Or crippled the Bluetooth on their phones? Or put a terrible GUI on their phones? Or any other number of things that they've done that are anti-consumer?

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  • tsugaru
    Mar 22, 03:08 PM
    Now I can rid myself of my 27" i7 2009 iMac.

    Things that I would see/would like to see on the new iMacs:

    - Thunderbolt (2 ports would be nice)
    - Target DisplayPort Mode with HDMI + HDMI audio in, without needing to fully power up the entire computer (and a toggle that doesn't require an Apple keyboard)
    - USB3 (I know Intel isn't natively putting USB3 on their chipsets until Ivy Bridge, but Apple could do the right thing and add this)
    - get rid of the internal speakers as an option for more cooling
    - at least a Radeon 6850 or GeForce GTX 560 Ti (preferably the nVidia card for CUDA/HW accelerated stuff) with at least 1 (2 please) GB of GDDR5 (I'm still boggled why they even offered a 256MB 6490 on the MacBook Pro)
    - easily accessible 2.5" port for an SSD (doubt it)
    - i7-2600 at the high end (Apple won't sell the K version, unless they go nuts and allow overclocking)
    - a side mounted USB port or 2 would be nice, hell, more USB ports period (6-8) would be nice
    - a second Firewire 800 (or 1600 if Apple is feeling frisky) port
    - matte screen option (this, like the 2.5" bay, has a snowballs' chance in hell)
    - Blu-Ray (see my note on the matte screen)

    Wonder if Apple will allow for the full 32GB support that the Sandy Bridge processors can fully take, and the DDR3-1600 speeds, since they are limiting both on the MacBook Pros at the moment.

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  • fxtech
    Apr 19, 08:37 AM
    Who is this Samsung who has developed most of its own stuff? Living abroad casts a good shadow on Samsung, but in its home country, Sammy is just a thug with endless pockets (thanks to tax freedom granted by the Korean government). Samsung buy out other techs and then put their badge and later, establish their name as the manufacturer. They are NOT innovators.

    Yeah Apple has never done that.

    Except for NeXT, Motion, Final Cut Pro, Color, Aperture, the list goes on...

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  • shadowx
    Sep 26, 02:11 PM
    This is fine. I'm sick of those cripplers at Verizon.

    Yeah - if Verizon didn't have the most comprehensive coverage and good customer service I'd go back to T-mobile. I'll never own a bluetooth phone from Verizon, that's for sure...

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  • MacBram
    Apr 28, 05:18 PM
    You do realize that this image could end up biting Apple in the butt? In 3 years time the iPad will be where the iPhone is now: Loosing some (not all) of its marketshare to the knockoffs.

    Unless Apple has a new iToy (I.e not an MP3 player, phone or tablet) ready for say 3-4 years from now, they wont get any bigger than they now are.

    More likely scenario: in three years time both the iPhone and the iPad will be where the iPod is.

    With the iPod, Apple started with a high end, expensive device. People still bought it in droves. Later Apple varied it and introduced cheaper, smaller models. There are no effective competitors.

    As the device matures and the Market for mp3 players is saturated, Apple takes it in a new direction and adds iOS and apps. They sell fewer, but most of those sold are mow iPod Touches.

    With iPhone, Apple again started with the high-end. They haven't even begun to produce differentiated models.

    With iPad, Apple has hit a sweet spot really early on -- the competition is in shambles and has no-where to go. Where are the competitive knock-offs at any price, let alone cheaper prices?

    In three years, Apple is going to:
    A) have three more years of experience with these devices (and who is matching the maturity of their devices today) -- particularly as Apple products are often the bench mark and define their respective industries/markets.
    B) have a fully operational data centre online for three years
    C) have even more and better control of components and supply chain
    D) have even more high profile shops in more countries
    E) have even more sales in China and India
    F) have even more experience at designing and producing their own unique SoCs for their devices while competitors have to make do with all the same off-the-shelf power-hungry parts, and same off-the-shelf half-baked operating systems.
    G) still remain unconcerned about its marketshare, having been making HALF the revenue and profits of the ENTIRE industry already!

    Really, no-one even three years ago predicated the success of the iPhone or the existence of the iPad. What makes you think that three years is going to be more favourable to Apple competitors than to Apple?

    Anyway, I wouldn't count out the possibility of new "iToys", but don't forget the MacBook Air, either. This redesigned, second gen model has been flying off the shelves the last few months. Lion is about to be released and MacBook Pros are getting refreshed. Apple never has stood still, why would they start standing still for the next three years!

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  • SPUY767
    Sep 11, 09:57 AM
    I'm hoping for iMacs because I could care less about downloading Movies. Hell the only TV I download are the free eps. Unless you can get me 5.1 surround, DVD quality for a monthly fee that is less than Netflix... well, Netflix is still king to me. :)

    Especially since DVDs ar easier to copy than these files would ever be. Not that i copy DVD's or anything.

    I predict the following:

    iTunes Movie Store with... 1080 HD movie downloads.
    Updated Cinema Displays.
    New Airport Extreme with 802.11n (for streaming the said Movies wirelessly)
    iPod updates, either slightly modified nano(new cases+more compacity) and/or updated video iPods with higher compacity for said HD movies.


    I really do think theywill be available in 1080, and that will be a very big deal.

    blueray? hd dvd? who cares i can just get them on itunes.

    Well, an 8 meg connection is adequate to stream the HD trailers in 720p. I honestly don't think that Apple would bother offering the movies in any higher quality, as the codec scales nicely, and most HD sets are 720p or just that ED crap. When a set says 1080i on the side it usually means that it can decode a 1080i signal, not that it can display it. If you have a 1080i capable TV, you'll know it cause your ass will hurt much more than the guy who buys the 720p set.

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  • bwillwall
    Mar 23, 04:48 PM

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  • profets
    May 3, 11:00 AM
    Two high end screens from dual thunderbolt on a 27 inch iMac? Wow. That is bad ass.

    Check it out.. 2x 30" Dell's connected to the 27 iMac

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  • aristotle
    Apr 20, 01:33 PM
    Enough with the chicken little episodes already.

    Apparently, this is related to AT&T only and it is not based on GPS location services but rather a database of cell towers. It contains no identifiable information and is sent to AT&T for analysis for signal strength statistics.

    Since it does not contain personal information and is being used to analyze the state of the AT&T network, I don't see a problem here. People who are not inside of the US are not affected by this.

    If you think that this is a privacy concern then you need to have your head examined. It is anonymous statistical information and nothing more.

    It is possible that this information was being collected for an AT&T app that you could download a while back and the OS is still collecting it in the background regardless of whether you have the app installed. Am I crazy or is there an AT&T app that consumes this data on the app store?

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  • TheKrillr
    Sep 5, 06:12 PM
    I don't think there will be anything with that name.

    Apple did just very recently file for a new iMovie trade mark in Europe, through Italy. They already had the name registered in 2000/2001. This new application is from 22 August, and no real details are currently published.

    How does trademarking work in Europe? Here in the US you trademark something, and you don't have to specify what industry its in, or what the trademark is used for. in Europe do you have to register it for each unique industry? Otherwise, why would they be reapplying if they already have it?

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  • SolRayz
    Mar 23, 06:12 PM
    The beautiful thing is that this is great advertisement for the app. I bet more people have downloaded this than ever before. I didn't know about this app until today, so thanks for that senator dumbfukz...

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  • Multimedia
    Sep 10, 08:48 AM
    Software will also have to keep up and unless your software becomes massively multithreaded and what you're doing can actually be multi threaded there's no real advantage to multi-core CPUs.

    This is already a problem with Quicktime in that it doesn't scale past 2 cores. You'll find half of your computer under utilised for instance when transcoding video in Quicktime.Not if you transcode multiple files simultaneously - which is what I do with multiple instances of Toast 7 and Handbrake..

    Plus that will probably be fixed in QuickTime 8 which is likely to come with Leopard.

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  • noahtk
    Apr 22, 01:47 PM
    The MacBook Pro design hasn't changed since 2008. I'd bet money that the next time they do a redesign an optical drive won't be present.

    Lets hope so.

    Sep 5, 01:22 PM
    My question is, will the movies have subtitles/captioning. As a hearing impaired user, that's the deal breaker for me. If they do have captioning, I can see myself purchasing a few movies once in a while (Though I'd still rather have DVDs most of the time). If not, no way.

    Aug 28, 11:23 PM
    mmmm...nothing like a little troll late in the evening.

    Go back to or or or whatever...

    And have a nice day. :)

    Hey! I love my old Amiga 500! :p Of course, I'm sure I'll love my C2D MBP even more. :cool:

    Mar 10, 10:04 AM
    How would Safari be able to install that stuff? Forgive me for not knowing, but I haven't seen anything that allowed you to install software, or any executable code, from iOS Safari. Not with Apple's model. Maybe jailbroken, but that's a different story.

    you don't remember last year? you swipe and it installs all kinds of code on your iphone

    Jul 14, 12:36 PM
    So how soon should I expect to see a Merom in a MacBook? "Some months later," or "many months later" than it's appearance on a MacBook Pro? Why not sooner? Just to differentiate the product lines? I thought Merom would replace Yonah in general. I read one report suggesting Merom would be introduced at the same time as the Conroe official introduction near the end of this month.

    BTW, Hannibal posted his opinion of Core 2 Duo on Ars, along with his opinion of most other reviewers:

    Russell L
    Apr 25, 05:51 PM
    I've lusted after the Unibody design ever since it came out just after I got my early 2008 MBP, and I finally caved in this year and got a 17" 2011 MBP. Seemed like the right time. I'm glad I now have what might be the last of the Unibody designs!

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